This is the secret of all successful therapy...

Good listening transforms suffering.
Miriam Greenspan 

My Commitments To You:

I understand that it can be difficult to talk and share all that is going on for you, even with supportive partners, families and friends. Yet shouldering the burden alone can feel frightening, exhausting and isolating. So I offer a safe space in which you can talk confidentially and openly, in a way that may not be possible with friends or family. 

  • I will seek to earn your trust so that I can support you in expressing your feelings and thoughts, whatever they may be.
  • In our relationship you will not be judged. No thoughts or feelings are off-limits in the honest space we create together.
  • In our relationship you may prioritise your own needs; I will not tell you what you should or should not discuss.
  • I am trained in listening closely and I am dedicated to helping you find the courage to explore whatever may be troubling you in more depth than usually happens in everyday life.
  • I will strive to think and feel with you, in order to understand your concerns from your perspective, so that you may feel understood and may come to understand your own thoughts and feelings better.
  • I will support you in developing compassion for your vulnerabilities and a better understanding of your strengths. 
  • I will not direct you to a particular course of action. However, by accepting you just as you are, I will support you in looking at all aspects of your experience - your feelings, your thoughts, your behaviours, your needs. Together we can clarify the sense you make of your experiences and evaluate what really matters to you, so that you can find your way through and move forward with enhanced resilience.
…Very rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy. Yet listening, of this very special kind, is one of the most potent forces for change that I know. 
Carl Rogers.

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